Sunday, March 3, 2013

Day Six and Seven

Day six was a travel day. We had a little time in the morning to pack. Then after lunch we headed to the airport to make our way back to Beijing.

Our flight was delayed and we were late getting back. We asked Lily if a few of the kids from HH could meet us in Beijing for dinner.

We really wanted to go to Langfang and be at HH but we just did not have the time.

So instead the kids came to us.

We thought they were just staying for dinner but actually they stayed the night, went to the Pearle Market with us the next day and came to the airport also.

We walked across the street for one more night of Chinese food.

Little Kirsten did not come to dinner but that didn't stop Patti.
She found her in Lily's room.

She got to feed her dinner and love on her.

We were thankful for the extra time with the children.

Sunday we said some very sad goodbyes at the airport.
I was crying so bad that the girl at the ticket counter told me "Don't cry. You can come back."
If only it was that easy.

AK and I took the goodbyes hard.

Hugging Lily and Linda and Christy not knowing when we would see them again.

It was too much.

Twenty four hours later we were home.

Thankful for our families and thankful for the time in China.

But left with the question...

What now?



  1. What a wonderful way to end your visit to Harmony House!! Special memories for all of you! I'm so glad you've posted all the photos, and highlights of your trip. It really is a great way for people to see what it's all about, and how very important it is to personally connect with the children we are helping and praying for.

  2. Hi, Jennifer. I followed your trip via your blog. What an amazing experience. I received the link from my mother-in-law who is friends with Mollie. We all go to church together. I'm also a freelance writer for the Observer. Please email me at I'd love to talk with you about a possible article, if you're interested.