Monday, March 4, 2013

My Favorite Picture

Miss Anne, as Adam calls her, was Adam's preschool teacher a couple of years ago.
She was Sammy's preschool teacher when we traveled to China to bring Adam home.
I did not know at that time that Adam would get to have her also.

Anne talks about the first time I walked around the corner with Adam after arriving home.
She recalls seeing him on my hip.

Neither one of us realized the impact Adam would have on her life and mine.

Here they are together at the end of preschool in 2011.

Neither of us knew we would travel back to his home in 2013 together.

This is a special picture of a special moment.

Here is Anne sitting on Adam's bed. The one he slept in while he lived at Harmony House.

She is holding Rudi, another little boy with Spina Bifida.

So much I could say about this but words would never do it justice.

I pray that little Rudi will have a big impact on his forever family
 and preschool teacher wherever they are.


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