Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Play 60 Read 20

The Panther's came to our school last week.

It was a Play 60 Read 20 event.

They encourage the kids to get 60 minutes of play every day.

Then to read 20 minutes everyday.

Jonathan Stewart and Sir Purr were there.

The kids were so excited.

Adam was a celebrity judge.

After Jonathan Stewart and Greg Olson were introduced Adam had a nice introduction as the original number one Panther drafted first in the Make a Wish Draft....


They even had a new number one jersey made for him.

The Panther's are the best!

Sammy posing with her buddy Mr. Stewart.

Adam with his forever friend Amy Laws ( Amy In Laws as the kids call her).

Adam and Sir Purr.

Adam was showing Sir Purr how he can walk on crutches.

Friends for life!


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