Friday, May 24, 2013

Looking back

For us, both of the boys graduations have been a time of looking back.

These pictures of them as little boys were before digital so to view them we have to dig them out of the basement.

Without a special occasion like graduation we might never go looking.

But now is the perfect time to get them out and remember all the fun and good times.

I am working on his party invitations and announcements.

It is really coming fast!

In China with Sam age 11

Fishing on the "Follow me" about age 8

Halloween ages 2 and 3

Superhero PJ's age 2 and 3

About 9 months

About 6 months

Christmas ages 3 and 4

First grade

Age 1

The time has flown by C.J.

You are a great son.

Looking forward to seeing you walk the stage in that wonderful orange cap and gown!

Love you!


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