Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mother's Day Weekend

Mother's Day weekend started out with a special Muffins for Mom morning at Sam and Adam's school.

I love all the hand made gifts and I am thankful I still have small children who love to make them.

After they presented their gifts each mom was asked to share a story about their child.

I shared about each of their "Gotcha Days", the day I became their mom.
These two LOVE their Gotcha Day stories.
I shared about how in a small office building Samantha was brought in by her nanny.
I shared that I walked over and took her in my arms for the first time and she reached around and played with my hair just like Audrey Kate did as a baby.
I knew she was meant to be my baby.

I shared about how when we walked into the office in Taiyuan City Adam was already there wearing his Chinese Silk outfit. I told about how when we walked in he sat up straight and straightened his hat. He was so proud. I talked about all he had survived and how he so wanted a family. 

I told them I was very thankful for these two blessings!

Sunday morning we went to church and lunch.
I got a picture with ALL my children.
This is a rare event these days.

My morning started out with breakfast and coffee in bed.

Jesse had a little photo shoot.

Sammy enjoyed flying her kite.

I enjoyed hanging out on the back porch.

Everyone came out to enjoy the beautiful Carolina weather.

Even Cody!

It was a fantastic Mother's Day.
I felt loved and very pampered!

The day after Mother's Day we said goodbye to Stephen.

He loaded up the truck with everything he needed for his new apartment in Chapel Hill.

He has a year and a half lease on his new place.

I doubt we will see him anytime soon.

It is bittersweet but it is time to fly.

Fly little birdie fly!


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