Friday, June 14, 2013

He did it!

The ceremony started off with a personal touch.
The graduates baby pictures were shown first.

Followed by their senior pictures.
This was for all 362 graduates.

I found a flag representing his new school in the auditorium.

The senior faculty at Marvin Ridge are some of the best
teachers I have ever known.

The picture is blurry but he is hugging his wonderful counselor.
We have some top notch people at Marvin Ridge and Ms. Ashley Lawson is 
the top of the top.

Walking across the stage to get the long awaited diploma.

A big hug for Mr. Cook.
The best principal ever.
He knows these kids and their families.
Not because they were troublemakers, or the brightest students.
He knew everyone and the families because he WANTED to know them.

Diploma in hand!

Time to celebrate his accomplishment.

He finally spots us in the audience and gives a fist pump.

Look at his smile.

This is his good friend David.

The proud parents.


Proud grandparents!

And Pappy!

His good friends, Matt, Alex and Chase.

It was a wonderful and evening.

Congratulations CJ!

We are so proud of you!


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