Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Moving on

The past couple of weeks have been a tad bit hard on a parents emotions.

CJ graduating, Audrey Kate moving on to the 8th grade, Stephen on 
the verge of being a junior in college, all
 of these things can be tough and leave you asking 

"Where has the time gone?"

These two are also moving on.

I can hardly believe that these two are going to second grade.

They received their diplomas too.

They had a wonderful teacher and assistant.

Mrs. McConnell, their teacher, is going to China this summer. 
We are trying to coordinate a trip to Adam's orphanage while she is in Beijing.
That would be Adam's second teacher to visit his original home.

It is unheard of really.

Mrs. McConnell's husband has been serving our country overseas this whole school year.

We thank him for his service.

Two Guangdong girls.

From Guangdong, China to the small community of Marvin,
these two were together for Kindergarten and first grade.

They are best friends and I hope they stay together.

Can Samantha and Adam possibly be in the second grade?

This also leaves me asking "How can I be this old?"


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