Friday, July 26, 2013

The Beach- trip #2

Back to Holden!

Thanks to our dear friends we had a second trip to the beach.

They live on the the waterway so the kids loved swimming off the dock.

Samantha and Emma are great friends.

It is such a relaxing place. Time moves much slower there.

Samantha is chilled out.

Only until Emma comes jumping on.

After Emma jumped on she somersaulted off!

These two have been friends since they were babies.

Audrey Kate and Grace were on the tube having fun.

AK was afraid to get in the water at first.

Adam had a great time hanging out with Tucker.

 It was nice for him to have another guy on the trip.

These three hardly ever came out of the water.

We think Adam overcame his fear of crabs!!!

Thank goodness.

Of course we spent time thinking of this little one.

More on that coming soon.

Thank you Kim, Joye and Larry for allowing us to spend a few days in your wonderful beach home.

We had a blast!


Sunday, July 21, 2013

Not What We Planned

Things don't always go as you planned.

Our daughter loves horses.
She loves the animal, loves to ride, jump and show.

This is the barn where she rides.

So back in February we took the next step and purchased this 
lovely animal who she named Maverick.

Everyone told us in horses it is a gamble.
There is no crystal ball. That even the most sound horse can come up lame.
Sometimes for no obvious reason.

Our plan was to have this horse through her high school years.
The two of them would get to know each other and we knew he could jump
and did well at shows.

Since February she has jumped him about 4 times.

They have not done one show together.

She has spent way more time loving him than riding him.

We all agreed before we took him to the specialist that we would do the right thing by the horse.
If the doctor said no more jumping we would retire him, let him live out his days in a pasture.

It would have to be somewhere close by.
We would have to see him.

Because we also didn't plan on falling in love with him.

He is so gentle and sweet and counting on us to take care of him.

So what did the lameness specialist say?????

He thinks if we follow a strict rehab plan he can come back.

He believes from his branding that he was imported from New Zealand or Australia long before we knew him.

He really liked his temperament and athletic build and thought it was worth trying to bring him back.

From all he could see from multiple X-rays, ultrasounds, nerve blocks and working with him
this is an injury he can come back from.

We won't be on him for at least 6 months.

And if when we bring him back he is still hurting we will let him retire.

Having good strong legs is not the most important thing.

We know a thing or two around here about legs that don't work.

I can tell you with 100% certainty that it is not the most important thing!

Ni Hao Yall


Saturday, July 20, 2013

Operation Maverick

Okay a few days ago I did a post about the baby of our family.

Then I did a post about a baby who needs a family.

Today is all about the biggest baby of our family.

Here AK is giving him some Quietex.
Yes to keep him quiet.

Yesterday was a day we called "Operation Maverick".

He is hurt again.

We decided to take him to a specialist 2 1/2 hours away.

No big deal if you are used to hauling a 1400 pound animal.

We are not.

We have never trailered a horse by ourselves before.

This is why we needed the Quietex.

We got to the barn early to get him ready.

Our trainer needed to re- wrap his legs.

Our wrapping was a little off.

She helped us load him.

After that Greg and AK were all on their own.

Three hours later they arrived in Aiken, SC.

They unloaded him and off to a stall he went.

He was such a good boy.

Greg was able to unload him without help.

I am sure to horse people this sounds crazy but Greg has never, ever handled a horse.

Part of this trip was for Greg to learn everything he could about Maverick.

It is never a good idea to have your 13 year old know more than you.

Not about horses or anything else.

So Greg has jumped in with both feet.

He is now a barn Dad!!!

Mav was looked at for almost 4 hours.

They did not get home until 10:00pm.

We have so much more information about his injury.

So the question is...can he be rehabilitated?


Thursday, July 18, 2013


Meet Rudi...
He is precious, adorable and orphaned.
He would love to have a mom and dad, someone to look into those sweet eyes and tell him everyday how precious he is.
He needs a family soon.
He needs love.

Meet Adam. He was once just like Rudi.
Precious and adorable and orphaned.
They look alike to me. They are from the same place.

Now Adam is a dearly loved son.

Rudi needs to be a dearly loved son too!

If anyone reading this wants to be blessed by having Rudi as your son, email me at

I can help you get in touch with those caring for him to discuss adoption.

I can also share the joys of raising a child with Spina Bifida.

Let's all pray for a family for Rudi!


Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Mr. Personality!

Another title for this post might be "Full of Himself!"

A couple of weeks ago before we left for vacation Adam joined me on the 
back porch while I had my morning coffee.
The two of us are morning people and usually we are the first ones up!

It was early, like 6:30ish, and he was on!

Adam can be hysterically funny.

Some of the things he was saying had me cracking up.

That is one thing about him, you NEVER know what is going to come out of his mouth.

I wonder who he gets that from?

This is his new look. he raises one eyebrow if he doesn't like what I say.

I think I told him to settle down the neighbors are sleeping.

When I told him for the third or fourth time to keep it down he acted like he was going to scream.

Of course not a sound came out.

The funniest thing he has told me lately...

He is going to be rich when he grows up.

We asked him how he was going to do that.

He said he was going to marry a rich woman.


Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Beach 2013

This year at the beach we had to take our family photos, an annual tradition 
that the kids love, on day one.

Some of the older kids are now in summer school or working so they were not there for the majority of the trip, just one night in fact.

So we got this out of the way early!

It was quite windy on the beach that night.

Audrey Kate dyed her hair with Kool- Aid.
She has been waiting a long time to do this.

With her dark hair it was hard to see the results.

We had quite a bit of storms this year.

I think we were over due since we haven't had bad weather on vacation in years.

It did not stop our fun.

It did make for some pretty pictures.

We hung out in the sand.

And by the pool.

We saw the beautiful Super Moon.

We fished.

We hung out with grandparents.

And had another wonderful family vacation.