Sunday, July 21, 2013

Not What We Planned

Things don't always go as you planned.

Our daughter loves horses.
She loves the animal, loves to ride, jump and show.

This is the barn where she rides.

So back in February we took the next step and purchased this 
lovely animal who she named Maverick.

Everyone told us in horses it is a gamble.
There is no crystal ball. That even the most sound horse can come up lame.
Sometimes for no obvious reason.

Our plan was to have this horse through her high school years.
The two of them would get to know each other and we knew he could jump
and did well at shows.

Since February she has jumped him about 4 times.

They have not done one show together.

She has spent way more time loving him than riding him.

We all agreed before we took him to the specialist that we would do the right thing by the horse.
If the doctor said no more jumping we would retire him, let him live out his days in a pasture.

It would have to be somewhere close by.
We would have to see him.

Because we also didn't plan on falling in love with him.

He is so gentle and sweet and counting on us to take care of him.

So what did the lameness specialist say?????

He thinks if we follow a strict rehab plan he can come back.

He believes from his branding that he was imported from New Zealand or Australia long before we knew him.

He really liked his temperament and athletic build and thought it was worth trying to bring him back.

From all he could see from multiple X-rays, ultrasounds, nerve blocks and working with him
this is an injury he can come back from.

We won't be on him for at least 6 months.

And if when we bring him back he is still hurting we will let him retire.

Having good strong legs is not the most important thing.

We know a thing or two around here about legs that don't work.

I can tell you with 100% certainty that it is not the most important thing!

Ni Hao Yall



  1. Good luck, I hope it works out


  2. Beautiful photos. I've enjoyed browsing through your site. Glad to have found it via sunday snapshots.

  3. Great news! So happy to hear this report AK!