Saturday, July 20, 2013

Operation Maverick

Okay a few days ago I did a post about the baby of our family.

Then I did a post about a baby who needs a family.

Today is all about the biggest baby of our family.

Here AK is giving him some Quietex.
Yes to keep him quiet.

Yesterday was a day we called "Operation Maverick".

He is hurt again.

We decided to take him to a specialist 2 1/2 hours away.

No big deal if you are used to hauling a 1400 pound animal.

We are not.

We have never trailered a horse by ourselves before.

This is why we needed the Quietex.

We got to the barn early to get him ready.

Our trainer needed to re- wrap his legs.

Our wrapping was a little off.

She helped us load him.

After that Greg and AK were all on their own.

Three hours later they arrived in Aiken, SC.

They unloaded him and off to a stall he went.

He was such a good boy.

Greg was able to unload him without help.

I am sure to horse people this sounds crazy but Greg has never, ever handled a horse.

Part of this trip was for Greg to learn everything he could about Maverick.

It is never a good idea to have your 13 year old know more than you.

Not about horses or anything else.

So Greg has jumped in with both feet.

He is now a barn Dad!!!

Mav was looked at for almost 4 hours.

They did not get home until 10:00pm.

We have so much more information about his injury.

So the question is...can he be rehabilitated?


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