Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Beach 2013

This year at the beach we had to take our family photos, an annual tradition 
that the kids love, on day one.

Some of the older kids are now in summer school or working so they were not there for the majority of the trip, just one night in fact.

So we got this out of the way early!

It was quite windy on the beach that night.

Audrey Kate dyed her hair with Kool- Aid.
She has been waiting a long time to do this.

With her dark hair it was hard to see the results.

We had quite a bit of storms this year.

I think we were over due since we haven't had bad weather on vacation in years.

It did not stop our fun.

It did make for some pretty pictures.

We hung out in the sand.

And by the pool.

We saw the beautiful Super Moon.

We fished.

We hung out with grandparents.

And had another wonderful family vacation.


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