Friday, July 26, 2013

The Beach- trip #2

Back to Holden!

Thanks to our dear friends we had a second trip to the beach.

They live on the the waterway so the kids loved swimming off the dock.

Samantha and Emma are great friends.

It is such a relaxing place. Time moves much slower there.

Samantha is chilled out.

Only until Emma comes jumping on.

After Emma jumped on she somersaulted off!

These two have been friends since they were babies.

Audrey Kate and Grace were on the tube having fun.

AK was afraid to get in the water at first.

Adam had a great time hanging out with Tucker.

 It was nice for him to have another guy on the trip.

These three hardly ever came out of the water.

We think Adam overcame his fear of crabs!!!

Thank goodness.

Of course we spent time thinking of this little one.

More on that coming soon.

Thank you Kim, Joye and Larry for allowing us to spend a few days in your wonderful beach home.

We had a blast!


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