Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Family Weekend at GWU

I am playing catch up on posting our memories.
Family Weekend was a few weekends ago.

Mimi and Pappy joined us in celebrating with CJ.

It was his first college Family Weekend.

He was so happy to have us all there.

We took him to lunch and then headed over to the student center.

The campus is so nice and the grounds are too.

The kiddos played ping-pong and fuse ball and watched the Alabama game on the big screen.

All the men went to a barbecue and the football game.

GWU won!

The weather was perfect and it was a perfect day.


Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Talk

Every year at the beginning of the year I go have the talk with Adam's class.

The talk is all about Spina Bifida.

You can see from his face in this picture he was stressed about me talking.
Actually I am pretty sure he wasn't listening.

Thank goodness the rest of the class was.

I told them what Spina Bifida is, some of the bad stuff that comes along 
with it and we always end on all the good stuff about it.

We get all of their questions about Adam and Spina Bifida answered.

He is happy that I answer all their questions so he doesn't have to.

They are always amazed at all the things you can do even when you have Spina Bifida.

I do it for my little guy.

I hope it helps!


Friday, September 13, 2013

September 12th

I can't believe she is 8.

But she is!

We have decided not to do big birthday parties this year.

So instead she chose one friend and something fun to do.
They had their nails done and a cupcake.
It was a perfect birthday celebration.

Happy birthday sweet Samantha.

Please don't get any bigger!


Monday, September 9, 2013

Last Day- Gotcha Day Reunion Part 3

All in all it was a wonderful Gotcha Day reunion!

I love seeing these two together.

I hope these two know how loved...

how wanted...

and how treasured they are to us.

Seven years has flown by.

We look forward to many more reunions with our dear friends.

Happy Gotcha day girls.

I am so glad you two have each other!


Sunday, September 8, 2013

Grandfather Mountain- Reunion part 2

The next morning we headed up to Grandfather Mountain.

It was a little foggy when we first arrived.

We thought it might storm.

We took our chances since we had just payed to get in.

We braved the mile high swinging bridge.

I love the view.

Beautiful Gaozhou girls.

Adam ditched his wheelchair and dad took him all the way up.

We missed Stephen and CJ this year.

We got pretty close to some bears... in cage at the park.

Later that night we swam some more and roasted marshmallows.

It was so much fun.


Saturday, September 7, 2013

Reunion Part 1

Labor Day weekend we made our annual pilgrimage to the 
mountains of NC for Gotcha day reunion with the Lanes.

The view from our deck was incredible.

Greg and I both felt we could really get used to it.

The rolling fog would change by the minute.

It was so pretty.

I can't think of a more beautiful view.

The kids spent the day... the entire day in the pool.

Greg was throwing Adam in the water and guess who wanted a turn?

The daring Miss Ruby Lane!

They had fun having Greg flip them.

It was a wonderfully relaxing day full of fun and good conversation.

Just what we needed!