Monday, September 2, 2013

A fun but tough weekend...

We went away with our friends the Lanes for our annual Gotcha Day reunion
this weekend and had a wonderful time. 

I have so many pictures to share here.

But that will come later.

While we were away we got some sad news.

Two of Audrey Kate's favorite horses died this weekend.

This is her on Denny. She has shown him twice this season.

She adored him.

He was a good boy.

He died in an accident.

The next day we lost Novio.

When AK found out that Novio had colicked she said the two of them, Denny and Novio, were inseparable in the pasture.

She thought Novio colicked because of Denny.

Above is our good friend Emma riding Novio at camp this summer.
When Novio first came to our barn he was so green.
AK's trainer put her on him and said he will make you a better rider. 

And he did.

At first she didn't like him but over time she came to LOVE him.

The girls at the barn are all sad.

We lost two good horses.

I hope they know how much they were loved.


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