Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Seven years ago today we were on the verge of our first adoption.

Today, seven years ago we were full of nervousness and excitement.

What we couldn't have known was how much our lives and the course of our future would change.

That God would ultimately break our hearts for orphans and the crisis they are in.

That God would lead us on to orphan ministry and missions and that our thoughts would be consumed with what more can we do.

We would fall in love with a place so far away and have lifelong meaningful relationships with those living there caring for orphans.

That on this flight we would meet the missionaries caring for our yet to be revealed 5th, and 6th, child.

If it wasn't for that flight 7 years ago so much would be different.

God's timing is perfect.

So much changed in that little office room.

The night before we were so unaware of the impact those events would have on all of us.

Today, I am dreaming of a place I love, a God I love and serve, and how thankful I am!


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