Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Look at him now!

Go Rudi Go!

This is our sponsor baby Rudi.

I love him.

Here he is at 13 months old not even able to hold his head up from Hydrocephalus.
He had just had his shunts put in and was recovering while we were in China.

Then I got this picture. I did a post here about how much he looks like Adam

Then I requested more pictures and I was shocked!
Rudi is sitting up and holding his head up.

Isn't he so sweet.

I am so happy for him and how far he has come under the loving care of 
Harmony Outreach.

Now he needs a special forever family.

Anyone out there looking to be blessed?

Calling this special little guy son would be the best blessing of all.

If you need help getting started on an adoption process please email me at


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