Sunday, November 10, 2013

Maverick Update

I also love playing around with my camera. 
These are two of my favorite subjects.

I think Mav looks like a painting here.

He hasn't been doing well this week.

High fever, labored breathing, swollen abdomen, bloody nose

We thought it was time to say goodbye.

We took AK up to say goodbye one morning before school.

So hard!

But the vet has advised us that it is not time yet.
He has responded to some of the medication and is not in any discomfort.

We still don't have the answers we would like to have.

Five vets, a trip to one of our country's top vet schools, biopsies, more blood panels and now blood work on it's way to Michigan to check for mineral deficiencies.

If it seems like a lot that is because it is a lot!!!

We have not yet given up on him.

Most doctors say he is a mystery.

No concrete diagnosis or treatment.

He is a big, sweet mystery.

But we love him anyway!


Thursday, November 7, 2013

Photography by Audrey Kate age 13

I can always tell when AK has been playing with my camera.

She loves to take pictures.

I was looking through a few of them and realized she has a little "artistic " flair to her compositions.

I thought I would share them!