Wednesday, January 8, 2014


" Oh please Lord let us be done"

That is one of many many prayers adoptive parents pray when trying to get through the paperwork part of the process.

I think, but dare I say, we are done.

This stack of papers below just about took me down.

It was like a little mini adoption process all in itself!

This paperwork is currently in the hands of a courier.

Hopefully when it returns we will have 5 Chinese visas and our 
Power of Attorney Documents sealed and ready for travel.

And unless I've missed something.. ("Please Lord let me have remembered everything")

.....we are done!

Hoping and praying our Travel Approval is issued soon.

After all the stress of the paperwork there is one thing that makes it all worth while.

This face. He keeps asking "When will my family be here? Please come soon."

We are trying to get there as soon as possible.

That leads me to my next prayer! Travel Approval please!!

Yes, adoptive parents are praying people.

How many of you have ever laid hands on a stack of paperwork in front of the man at the UPS Store and prayed out loud that God would protect it, let it land in the right hands, that there would be no fire on the UPS delivery truck, or UPS plane crash?

If you have ever adopted internationally you know exactly what I am talking about.

The rest of you think I'm crazy.

You might need to be a little crazy to walk this road.

Crazy in love with the One who put it on our hearts!


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