Monday, January 6, 2014

New Year's Day 2014

We started off the new year by heading downtown to go ice skating at the Holiday on Ice outdoor rink.
One problem... they were not handicap accessible.
Adam was so disappointed he cried.
We decided right then and there if we couldn't all skate then none of us were skating 

So we opted for someplace warmer. We walked over to Bar Cocoa at the Ritz. We sat by the fire and enjoyed hot chocolate while we researched where to eat lunch.

We found Mertz soul food restaurant.

They had a New Year's Day buffet of every kind of southern cooked dish you can imagine.

All you can eat too!

We all enjoyed it!
The desserts were fabulous too.

What a way to start off the year.

We were missing our big boys but they were still sleeping when we left.

This morning the big boys headed back to college and we were all sad.

It has been a wonderful break.

We have had many family dinners, watched tons of football and really enjoyed each others company.

The house is quiet as I type. 

We are back to our regular routine.

It is time to start eating healthy again.

It is time for all the kids to start studying again.

And it is time to get ready to add one more little face to this happy bunch.


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