Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Smithfield Tournament

Adam was so excited about his tournament last weekend. He LOVES to play basketball.

As we were driving in Greg kept telling Adam "We own this town " trying to pump him up.

Finally he told Adam "We own this town... that's why it's called SMITHfield!"

Adam cracked up and kept saying "Yeah we own this town!"

He played great and our team did so well.

It is great fun!

One thing they did at the tournament was have a siblings game.

We have never been to a tournament that had this type of game.

Audrey Kate and Stephen got to play.

That is Stephen wearing number 50.

They both agreed that it was very hard.

Stephen had a hard time maneuvering the chair and keeping the ball.

It took two games to finally get the hang of it.

Both Stephen and AK scored baskets.

They have a much better appreciation for how hard it is and how strong your upper body needs to be to play.

The team with Coach Mike and Lottie.

This is the best team!

I have never seen sportsmanship like this.

All teams could learn something from these guys!

We finished the weekend by celebrating three special events.

Stephen and AK's b-day.

And Adam's Gotcha Day.

It was a great weekend!

Adoption Update

You know the saying "No news is good news"?

Well that does not apply here.

We need news of a TA coming from a far off land.

We need TA!!!!


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