Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Weekend Update

The Smith Family was all over the place this last week and weekend. 

We were in:
North Carolina
Washington DC

My weekend started off with a surprise Chinese lunch with my friends to celebrate Joshua.

It was such a fun time.

Then Friday Adam and I headed south to a basketball tournament.

We always have a blast at those!

Daddy and Sammy enjoyed a father daughter day Saturday.

Samantha loves the one on one attention of her daddy!

Sunday after AK returned from DC, they headed north to IEA Regionals.

AK qualified as an individual rider to move on the Zones in Maryland.

Even sleep deprived she did a great job!

Friday CJ headed south, way south to Nicaragua for a week of missions.

Of course he loves the kids and they love him too!

Here is a text he sent me.

Okay so far this trip has been amazing! It's so beautiful here. The place were staying is surrounded by mountains and the wildlife is everywhere. We've served at a few church services and we helped paint at the local clinic. The clinic was the only hospital within the area and it served over 10000 people. It was one story tall and had 5 total nurses none who could perform surgery. All the kids are awesome like I expected. We had a street service last night where we played soccer frisbee jump rope etc and that was so much fun. I threw the frisbee to a group of kids for about an hour. I shared my testimony and preached at the street service. Our group has become so close in the few days we've been here. I love it here and I'm enjoying what I'm doing. Oh and I'll tell y'all about the food when you get back from china. I love y'all and I'll send you a text probably Thursday morning.

He is doing great!

Stephen is spending his spring break in Florida and Joshua is waiting patiently in China.

Speaking of China....


I will post on this blog one more time tomorrow then everything will be on my travel site while we are there. 

I will link to my travel site in my next post.

We cannot wait!


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