Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Life as a Smith

I had all kinds of hope about blogging regularly when we returned from China.

Then life happened.

Finding computer time to return emails or texts has been difficult.

Please know that if I owe you an email it will happen. Hopefully soon.

We are starting to feel like we are getting our feet under us again and emerging from survival mode.

Joshua is feeling it too.

He is relaxing and beginning to accept his new life.

He loves his mom and the two of us have become very close.

I am teaching him at home for now.

He has beautiful handwriting!

I am still cooking a lot of Chinese food. It is his comfort.

Luckily we have a great Chinese market nearby.

I put this seasoning on green beans just like Lily taught me. They are so good. I took a picture of the stuff she used and showed it to the guy in the Chinese market. He did not speak English but knew exactly what I wanted and took me straight to it.

Pickled Lotus pods were not his favorite.


He did LOVE these and I have gone back several times for more.

There is a restaurant in the market so we always get lunch when we go.
He LOVES this to.

He loves to help me. I came into the den to see him folding towels. He has obviously done this before.
He also makes his bed and any other bed that needs it in the morning. 
Not because we ask.
We usually just discovered that they have been made.

Other things we have discovered.....
he is a true sweet heart
he doesn't like to sleep alone
he loves our dogs
he wants to please
he is very gentle
he is perfect for our family!

We love you so much Joshua!



  1. what a sweet sweet boy!! love the special food and the folding. :) love the bday pics of the boys playing outside/spiderman style. :) - brooke