Thursday, April 3, 2014

We're home!

We are so happy to be home with Joshua.

He is a sweet little guy with a funny personality.

He is super smart.

When the translator we are using is working we have some great conversations.

I love his funny faces.

The sun was bothering his eyes.

I kept trying for a smile.

We were getting closer.

Once I showed him my smile he decided to show me his.

I can almost always get him to smile.



  1. WELCOME HOME, DEAR JOSHUA!!! Jennifer...I can't believe I just saw this!! I've been so bad at keeping up with blogs but what a BEAUTIFUL post to catch up with!!! Just saw that your trip was delayed, which must've been so frustrating, but here you are back at home living life already!! GOD is so GOOD!!! Love you guys, the Murphy family!

  2. What a beautiful boy. I enjoyed following your trip to China.
    Looking forward to reading more about his new adventures.
    Congratulations and thank you for the blog update.
    mm,vancouver,wa age 67

  3. He is so handsome and probably knows it too!

  4. he is so handsome, jenny! and clearly so at home & content w/ you. loved sharing a couch with him on wednesday listening to him giggle w/ those headphones on. :) xo brooke