Friday, May 2, 2014

Happy Birthday Joshua!

Yesterday was Joshua's 7th birthday.

One thing he has loved since we have been home is super heroes.

Spiderman is one of his favorites.

So is Buzz Lightyear.

He was very excited with all of his gifts but he was especially excited to get a Spiderman costume and web shooter.

He wanted to dress up right away.

I am pretty sure he cannot see out in this picture.

As soon as he was dressed up the fun really began.

"Spidey" was chasing down Samantha.

He caught Adam in his web.

They all had fun playing together. 

That is what brothers and sisters are for.

It was a great first birthday with his family.

Looking forward to many more!


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  1. Jennifer - It is great to see him doing so well! Thrills my heart. It was great to meet you guys in China. Blessings!