Friday, June 13, 2014

8th grade moving on ceremony

Wednesday was her last day of middle school and we went to her moving on ceremony.


Each student's name was called.

Miss Seahafer, one of her favorite teachers.

Mrs. Winchester

Mr. Sams and Mrs. Russell


Proud Mama's





Maggie and Margaret

Congratulations to Audrey Kate and all of our friends moving on to 9th grade.

The moving on ceremony was so nice.

Audrey Kate was so sad to say goodbye to her teachers and school. She has loved her time there.

She has had some great teachers that will be hard to replace.

She has been with most of these kids since 2nd grade.

We already know from experience that the next 4 years will be gone fast.

I really wish we could slow the hands of time.

We are enjoying all of these moments.


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