Thursday, June 5, 2014

Fixing what is broken

Only God can fix what is broken in the lives of children who have been orphaned.

Adoption is a way God works to mend what is hurt.

Our little guy came to us hurt.

Six and half years of life as an orphan takes a toll on such a little spirit.

His exterior was hard. 

Any smiles we got during our trip to China were there because we bribed him to smile for a photo.

It was not his first response to smile, not in any situation.

But this is why you see people continually go back and adopt again and again. 

The transformation is the work of God.

And it happens right in our home, right in front of our eyes.

God is that close.

He is only capable of good work.

It is , as always, such a privilege for our family to be molded and used by God.

We are thankful for where we have been and where were are.

Tomorrow Joshua will have one more part of his broken life fixed.

His teeth were not taken care of and he has quite a bit of dental work to be done.

He will have hospital dentistry. He will be put to sleep for a hour and half procedure.

When he wakes up his teeth will be restored.

One more reason these children need the love of a family.



  1. Love this boy! Love this family!

  2. Praying for Joshua and his dental work to be successful with minimal pain! Jennifer, your post hit so close to him. We just received an update that it is difficult to get our little guy to smile. You have just given me so much hope:)

    Love ya,