Monday, August 25, 2014

Goodbye Summer!

Today is the first day of school and our summer is officially over!

It was such a fun summer!

Our highlights include Camp Victory Junction, July 4th (more pictures from those two events coming), Our trip to Chicago and the Harmony House reunion, and a trip to the beach.

Goodbye summer 2014!

You are going away too soon!


Sunday, August 24, 2014

A Great Day!

Yesterday was a great day!

Audrey Kate did a horse show just like she has many times before.
What made yesterday so great was not how she placed.
It was because this was her first horse show with her horse Maverick.

We have had Maverick for a year and a half. Until yesterday we have spent most of that time trying to figure out what was wrong and restore his health.

At times, it was trying both on our energy and finances.

For a while, Audrey Kate had to drop out of the show circuit.

Greg and Maverick have developed a deep bond that other people comment on. When they are together it is obvious Maverick loves and trusts him and Greg is crazy about Maverick.

He can officially call himself a horse person. 

When you rehab a horse for a year and a half you earn that right.

Their first show jump together was a sight for all of us. 

We did not care how they did we just wanted the two of them to make it around the course.

They made it around and she did leave with a few ribbons.

However, this show was so different than the others. 

It felt like an accomplishment. 

A mile stone.

So many times people said we should not waste our time and money on him.

We may not have started out as horse people but we have always loved animals and we knew we would do all we could to help him feel better whether he showed again or not.

It is interesting how much you can learn from horses.

We have learned so much more than we knew before we started this journey.

We look forward to seeing Audrey Kate and Maverick progress together in the sport she loves!

Go Maverick Go!

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